In or Out?

In or out, out or in?
InOrOutZazu’s House is thrilled to announce that very soon the parrots here will be able to choose whether to spend their day inside or outside. Zazu’s House has always intended to provide outdoor areas for the parrots, but the expense was prohibitive and it was a distant goal. Thanks to a very generous grant from the DJ & T Foundation Zazu’s House will now be building outside aviaries this year! For many of our parrots these aviaries will enable them for the first time in their life the chance to go outside to feel the wind in their feathers, the sun on their beaks, and even experience a real shower in the rain. ☀☔ We are so excited and grateful to have this opportunity to better our facility and the lives of our birds!!


Getting closer and closer to finishing our outdoor aviaries!

So excited for the birds to be able to go outside, when they want.