Zazu’s House Parrot Sanctuary

Contact Zazu’s House at: 425-287-9766
or zazushouse@AOL.com
to discuss the needs your bird may have.


At Zazu’s House we are a 501(c)3 charitable organization.  We provide a new world for birds, offering plenty of free flight opportunities, social interaction with other birds, and plenty of loving attention.  We provide a permanent refuge for these magnificent birds.  We are not a breeding facility.  Each bird is a unique individual – their personalities are as varied as their plumage.  Our large, heated facility is both a sanctuary and a social club for our flock.  We do not sell birds, nor do we purchase them.  Our mission is to simply provide a safe and interesting environment for all birds who find their way to Zazu’s House.

EIN 26-3197533

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DID YOU KNOW: As with other exotic species, people are fascinated by the idea of having a parrot as a pet, but few are prepared for the special responsibility of caring for a wild creature that will most likely outlive them.